Our sustainable lifestyle products are an effort to introduce the concept of green living in our day-to-day lives.

Some of our offerings include our neem combs, bamboo toothbrushes and tongue cleaners, and loofahs. These products will help one take small steps toward living green.

Neem combs:

Neem has always been the go-to disinfectant for Indian households. They are used extensively in kitchen accessories and select furniture as well.

No wonder then, that neem wood combs are sought after for their anti-dandruff properties. The best way to use a neem comb is to wipe it with oil before use.

Our neem products are made from high quality neem wood from Bengal.

Bamboo toothbrushes:

Our toothbrushes and tongue cleaners are made using the blumeana bamboo, also called thorny bamboo. . This type of bamboo is used because its nodes are further apart, enabling the entire grass to be used. The bristles are made from bamboo fibres, and coated with castor bean oil, to give the bristles smoothness. The bamboo is from Arunachal Pradesh.


Not many know that the word ‘loofah’ comes from the name of a plant that produces a natural fibre for skin exfoliation. In India, is it called, in different languages, torai, peerkangai, or beerakaya!

If left unharvested, the interior of the fruit becomes more fibrous, and harvested and dried to make the natural loofah.

This has traditionally been used for exfoliation, and we are proud to bring back tradition in a new avatar.

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