The first time I heard of Vishwakarma Day, it was because construction workers who were working in a nearby site were blasting music all day long. It was a weekday, and I wondered what was going on. That’s when I heard about Vishwakarma Jayanti, the day that architects, artisans, and craftsmen celebrate the divine architect and engineer, Vishwakarma.

Celebration of Vishwakarma puja at a mechanic shed. Pic courtesy: India Today

As labour moved from north to south India, they brought with them their culture and festivals as well. Isn’t it a beautiful thing, celebrating craftsmanship and engineering? This year the puja falls on 17 September, and Indian PM Modi also launches the Vishwakarma Scheme for the welfare of artisans that day.

Who is Vishwakarma, and what happens on this day?

The story of Lord Vishwakarma is varied. He is widely considered the son of lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, was endowed with creativity and craftsmanship from birth. He is often depicted with multiple hands holding various tools, symbolizing his mastery in arts and various crafts.

Vishwakarma is credited with designing and building celestial palaces for the gods, including Lord Indra’s heavenly abode, Swargaloka. He is also the creator of the magnificent city of Dwarka, which is said to have been submerged under the sea after Lord Krishna’s departure. He is also known to have created various tools for the gods.

Vishwakarma Puja

The puja is performed with great fervour in a few states of India, mostly in West Bengal, Tripura, Karnataka, Assam, and Jharkhand. Some factories and industrial complexes also perform the puja.

In Indian culture, this puja is unique in that it celebrates craftsmanship and engineering in particular.

Vishwakarma’s Path: A Lesson in Craftsmanship and Precision

Vishwakarma provides us with valuable lessons like his dedication towards craftsmanship, precision, and innovation with hard work.

Excellence in Craftsmanship: His commitment to creating flawless structures and designs serves as an inspiration for engineers and artists worldwide. The pursuit of perfection in one’s chosen field is a golden rule to success.

Innovation and Creativity: Lord Vishwakarma’s ability to innovate and think outside the box is evident in his creations. His inventions, whether divine weapons or celestial palaces, showcase his creativity and vision. Today’s innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from his ability to push the boundaries of imagination and create something new.

Dedication to Quality: Vishwakarma’s commitment to quality is a valuable lesson for all. He never compromised on the quality of his work, ensuring that his creations stood the test of time. This totally justifies the statement of “Quality over Quantity”.

Reverence for the Environment: In his creations, Vishwakarma showed a deep respect for the environment. He designed sustainable structures that blended seamlessly with nature. In an era when environmental consciousness is crucial, his approach is a timely reminder of the need to build in harmony with the planet.

Vishwakarma Day is a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication.

As we celebrate Vishwakarma Day, let us remember the legacy of this divine architect and engineer. It’s a delight to be witnessing an era where the craftsmen, inspired by the lord, beautifully create sculptures for their idol to mark their respect.